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Custom Software Development

We offer full IT services like Cryptocurrency App Development, IoT App Development, Software Development, Mobile Application Development, Web Development, Application Integrations and also work on many more new technologies to deliver the best for all businesses. Our mission is to bring all businesses online to make them a brand & to boost their identity in the online world. Our software development experts highlight your fascination with apps and web designs to present your business uniquely in front of your potential online visitors.

Data integration is combining the technical and business processes which are used to join the data from different sources into essential and valuable information. TISSA Technology’s digital testing services ensure seamless intercommunications inside the digital ecosystem across social, mobile, analytics, and cloud (SMAC). We use the right sources, experiences & tools to take your business beyond your thinking and imagination. We provide the best way to serve your business online.

TISSA Technology’s IT consulting services assist organizations in better understanding the developing technologies, execute Agile design principles, and use a strategic approach in choosing tools and methodologies. Our Cloud consulting services assist you in selecting the right cloud solutions that combine smoothly and give an optimal return on technology investment. Our Enterprise Application Development Services improve software architecture and arrange an enterprise approach to produce robust and custom-built applications.

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Mobile Application Development

We are the top Mobile App Development Company, known for its excellent quality. Also, we are one of the Fastest Growing Mobile App Development Companies in Texas, the USA. Android app development company, TISSA Technology allows custom, offshore android application development, app creation services, and enterprise mobility solutions, etc.

Excellent mobile app development services are utilized to change your business processes to mobile platforms. Companies today are looking for a partner with expertise in mobile app development services for minimum viable applications or complex mobile applications with third-party integrations. We consolidate mobile technology with system applications and endeavour to convey value to our clients.

We believe in tapping new markets and fulfilling the requirements of our clients with focused cross-platform mobile app development to drive user engagement and revenue. We are having mobile applications that are client-friendly mobile applications that make it simple for users to get to them from each mobile device. Our mobile development team involves developers with extensive experience with mobile application developers who are capable of making mobile app development services for iPads, iPhones, Android, and Windows devices. Sincerity combined with diligence makes our work stand apart from the rest.

Our Key Mobile App Development Services Expertise Includes

● iPhone App Development
● Android App Development

iOS App Development Services

We believe growing your business with the help of iOS mobile apps is growing your business with less investment. The services that we give with the Android Platform are also all set up in the iOS Platform.

iPhone application development

TISSA Technology is one of the most extolled iPhone application development company. We are having a team of skilled iPhone app developers, who have got widespread experience in developing enterprise specific iPhone apps which are capable of converting the commercial landscape of any company whether it’s a startup, any small scale industry or it may be a Large scale enterprise.

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Why Integration?
  • Integration allows different software systems to work together seamlessly and share information effectively.
  • It enables data synchronization and exchange between applications, ensuring that information is consistent and up-to-date across multiple systems.
  • Integration eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces errors and duplication of effort.
  • It enables the automation of business processes by connecting various software applications and enabling the flow of data between them.
  • Integration improves productivity by streamlining workflows and eliminating manual tasks, allowing employees to focus on higher-value activities.
  • It enhances decision-making by providing a unified view of data from multiple systems, enabling better analysis and reporting.
  • Integration facilitates collaboration by connecting different departments or teams within an organization and enabling them to share information and work together effectively.
  • It allows businesses to leverage the functionalities of multiple software systems without the need for extensive custom development or building new applications from scratch.
  • Integration enables businesses to adapt and scale their software infrastructure as they grow or as new technologies emerge, without disrupting existing systems.
  • It enhances customer experience by ensuring that data is consistent across all touchpoints, enabling a seamless and personalized experience for users.
What We Do?
  • Analyze the software requirements and identify the integration points between different software components or systems.
  • Develop an integration plan outlining the overall approach, timelines, and dependencies.
  • Design and implement the integration architecture, considering factors such as data formats, protocols, and security requirements.
  • Configure and deploy middleware or integration tools to facilitate communication and data exchange between software components.
  • Develop and test integration interfaces, APIs, or connectors to enable seamless interaction between different software systems.
  • Perform unit tests to ensure that individual software components are functioning correctly.
  • Conduct integration testing to verify the interoperability and functionality of the integrated software system as a whole.
  • Identify and resolve any issues or conflicts that arise during the integration process, including debugging, error handling, and performance optimization.
  • Document the integration process, including configuration details, interface specifications, and troubleshooting guides.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams, such as developers, quality assurance engineers, and business analysts, to ensure successful software integration.
  • Monitor and maintain the integrated software system, applying updates, patches, and enhancements as necessary.
  • Provide ongoing support and troubleshooting for any integration-related issues that arise after the integration process is complete.
  • MuleSoft Anypoint Platform
  • IBM Integration BUS
  • Dell Boomi
  • Azure Logic Apps
  • Workato
  • SnapLogic
  • Jitterbug
  • Celigo
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UI/Front End Development

Front-end web development has never been so interactive. We made front-end development interactive according to the most recent computerized standards for website and web application and have been giving quality front end web designing and development services at efficient costs to India and our global clients. We justify our esteemed customers’ dreams by offering them the best front-end web and application development services.

Common front end web development isn’t working nowadays where there is cut-throat competition for online presence. No need to worry, we are here with our incomparable front end designing and development solutions to meet your everything front-end needs in a single masterstroke. Front-end web development is the way of changing data to a graphical interface. Everything which you see while you’re navigating throughout the Internet, starting with fonts and colours to the slider and dropdown menus, is a combo of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Which helps users to view and interact with that data.

Web UI Development or User Interface Development is the process of development of websites, web applications, software development, and mobile applications. Web UI or “User Interface” plays an important role in the SDLC i.e. software development life cycle. Most people consider the user interface development solutions are building websites and writing HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. But it goes far exceeding these technical terms. The user interface aims to create the user’s interaction as simple and effective as possible, in terms of achieving user goals.

Web UI Development” can be classified into two phases in application/software development/website

● Research + Design
● Development
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App Maintenance/Support

Application maintenance and support activities incorporate the skills and requirements for supporting application systems, including troubleshooting, modifying, maintaining, and improving legacy systems. It applies to applications running in a creative domain.

Our Application Maintenance and Support model focuses on

● Effective communication and continuous process improvement based on valuable feedback from the customer.
● Immediate issue resolution and root cause analysis.
● Efficient knowledge transfer to and from customer.
● Skilled and experienced assets to improve maintenance activities concentrated on bringing down the complete expense of ownership.
● 24/7 application support services and established matrix for help desk services.

We are the most Promising Mobile Application Solution Providers. We design and deliver customized mobile application maintenance services that fulfil all your mobility needs. Our top-class Android and iOS application maintenance services enable better and faster software maintenance that increases app productivity and ultimately results in higher app ROI.

Our IT application support specialist has the expertise and technical knowledge related to application or suite of applications. They provide technical support to the clients functioning on various applications. They also participate in the research and any system application requires to reflect any problems for users. They also involve modifying current software and error-correcting that may then assist in adapting the latest hardware and upgrading interfaces. The application support specialists also plan developments in the existing system and recommend the installation of the new system.

Our mobile application Maintenance and Support services consist of the skills and requirements for supporting mobile application systems, including troubleshooting, changing, maintaining, and improving legacy systems.

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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) is any systematic procedure of deciding if an item or service meets determined requirements. QA builds up and maintains set requirements for developing or manufacturing reliable products. A quality assurance system is intended to build client confidence and an organization’s credibility, while additionally improving work procedures and productivity, and it enables an organization to more compete with others.

QA is a procedure driven methodology that encourages and defines objectives with respect to product design, development, and production. QA’s main objective is following and resolving deficiencies preceding product release. Transforming your software testing process with TISSA Technology‘s software testing services makes your software quality excellent. We are a global leader in Software Quality Assurance and Testing space. We help clients globally assure the high quality of the software we develop and test to accomplish their business goals and begin-up new markets. Our in-house team has a global reputation for delivering a cost-effective, insightful and customer-centric approach to a wide array of global clients.

Our goal is to give the best result, reach the deadlines and budget for our clients in any time zone, anywhere in the world. We provide complete quality assurance and quality control solutions at a highly competitive price and deliver a high-quality product for every client.

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Web Development

TISSA Technology has extensive experience developing websites and web applications in PHP. We provide the latest web technologies like PHP, DHTML, Java Scripts, jQuery, AJAX, and Web Databases, etc. for conceptualizing, visualizing, copywriting and designing websites, multimedia, animation, theme, and graphics. We keep the websites updated by the requirements of the client. We also keep on altering the presentation of data to feature the present focal point of the business.

Web development refers to the involvement of work for developing a website for the internet or intranet. It mainly focuses on different tasks which include web engineering, content management system, web servers, and security for network configuration. It directly relates to the content management system. There are different specializations for web developers as: Front end developer who can deal with the layout and visual effects for the website, Back end developer who can deal with all functionality for the website, Full stack developers help to support applications. Web development tools are used by developers to work with a different type of web technologies which includes CSS, HTML, Document object model, JavaScript which is all managed by the web browsers.

TISSA Technology is a Texas, US-based digital company that offers web design, development and many more additional services, which helps to increase your website’s traffic, sales, and profit. We are specialised in designing beautiful websites, but also SEO ready websites. We also follow all the guidelines of SEO and ensure our client that he/she doesn’t face any issue associated with the website not being SEO friendly at the time of optimizing their website for getting better ranking on search engines.

Being the best web development company, we assure our clients for delivering world-class websites. SEO friendly websites assist you to boost your click-through rate on your website. We use important on-page optimization techniques in making website SEO friendly for our client with the help of our Digital experts’ team.

The main motto of our web application development services is to deliver the projects on time. We undergo the process of analysis before beginning with the design and development of our client’s project. As a top web application development company we have developed best quality web applications and consistently obtained new insights into what makes a perfect website. Our contemporary web development technologies seamlessly integrate among all advanced technology available today.

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Enterprise App Development

Enterprise App Development is transforming business activity and re-defining business partnerships. It makes value by using the Internet, intranets, cellular networks and other digital technology to attract and interact with customers, providers, employees and other key partners. TISSA Technology provides Enterprise app development services in Texas and Huston.

Enterprise solutions are frequently too expensive for little and moderate size organizations and businesses. Therefore, their business endures the absence of automation and proficiency. The open-source solutions services allow small and midsize enterprises in obtaining software solutions at a fraction of the charge of their commercial counterparts.

Standard software solutions don’t fit the requirements of every specific business enterprise, yet custom software development has the potential and intends to help private companies increase exclusive solutions for their specific needs.

However, the absence of expert help for the execution of open-source solutions can turn into an issue, and at TISSA Technology, we are focused on tending to that worry. TISSA Technology can provide your organization with open source solutions, customized to your requirements, and backed-up by our services.

We are an enterprise mobile application development company, excel in providing custom enterprise mobile applications services and solutions to a wide range of industries. Our team of specialized enterprise app development assists clients in structuring and deploying easily manageable enterprise applications. TISSA Technology is amongst the leading enterprise app development companies in San Antonio, USA. Stay competitive & let’s quicken your business results with our development services. Building enterprise web applications is essential in satisfying clients’ and ensuring their business success.

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Big Data/Analytics/Hadoop Development

Big Data relates to the large quantities of data which flow in from multiple data sources and have various formats. Even earlier there was enormous data that were being saved in databases, but due to the different nature of this Data, the conventional relational database systems are incompetent of managing this Data. It is much more than a group of datasets with different formats, it is an important resource which can be used to get innumerable benefits. Hadoop is an open-source software framework which is used for storing data and running the applications on groups of commodity hardware. It also gives a massive storage for any type of data, huge processing power and the capacity to manage virtually limitless parallel tasks or jobs.

Big data analytics is the method of excellent analytic techniques toward very large, diverse data collections. It has three separate formats:

Structured: Organised data format with a fixed schema. Ex: RDBMS

Semi-Structured: Somewhat sorted out data which doesn’t possess a fixed format. Ex: XML, JSON

Unstructured: Random data with an anonymous schema. Ex: Audio, video files etc.

Big Data Technology can be described as a Software-Utility which is intended to Analyse, Process and Extract the data from a very difficult and long data collection which the traditional information processing Software could nevermore deal with. Big data analytics is a method of high-level analytics, that include complex applications including elements like predictive models, analytical algorithms and what-if study powered by analytics systems. Big data has been used in the enterprise to give customer insights for transparent and simpler products, by examining and predicting customer behaviour by data obtained from social media, GPS-enabled devices, and CCTV footage. It also provides better customer recognition from insurance companies.

Big Data Solutions are like these more than many additional data needs. One of the various common and most significant is an Enterprise Data Architecture. The big data platform is a kind of IT solution which consolidates the features and abilities of many big data applications and benefits inside a single solution. It is an enterprise-class IT platform which allows the organization in developing, deploying, performing and maintaining a big data infrastructure /environment. Big data processing is a set of methods or programming models to obtain large-scale data to obtain useful data for supporting and giving decisions.

In today’s world, we utilise following as the top Big Data Applications

● Big Data in Retail.
● Big Data in Healthcare.
● Big Data in Education.
● Big Data in E-commerce.
● Big Data in Media and Entertainment.
● Big Data in Finance.
● Big Data in the Travel Industry.
● Big Data in Telecom.
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Salesforce Implementation/Custom Configuration

Salesforce can tremendously improve workforce productivity and consumer satisfaction. However, implementing Salesforce appropriately can be complex, time-consuming, and costly for an association without prior experience. With our experience, we convey quality Salesforce Consulting services rapidly and cost-effectively, at minimal risk to our customers.

Our Salesforce implementations usually include

● Customized User Interface
● Custom coding
● New user training
● New admin training
● Form validation
● Process automation
● Standard object configuration
● Data modelling
● Security modelling

We will make Salesforce work for your business from the very first moment. This implies you will prepare a completely modified and to-utilize Salesforce page that will quicken your team’s productivity immediately.

Salesforce CRM has a huge number of features, and similarly the same number of customization choices. Doing it work for your company is hard enough, but as your business develops and grows its requirements change. We can assist you with arranging Salesforce, customize it with integrations, re-engineer business processes, and even help develop custom applications specifically for you.

The Custom configuration segment gives access to settings linking to building custom pre-headers, pages fields, and additional features for the site. Custom pages give access to the administrators to design and publish custom company and program-specific information.

Our Salesforce implementation services, consisting of salesforce consulting, salesforce customization (tuning the platform and custom development), salesforce configuration, salesforce migration and it’s integration.

We are the top salesforce CRM implementation company that offers innovative, cloud-based software-as-a-service solution services to its clients, that enables the software to be extremely flexible and accessible from everywhere. Salesforce CRM is 100% customizable and it can be made to operate in whatever order a business wants. Also, it offers a highly configurable out-of the-box-solution. We know that Salesforce CRM Implementation can be immense and confusing. Due to this, we deliver you the most reliable Salesforce CRM implementation services to do your task easily.

Our Salesforce Service Cloud implementation processes include in Professional and Enterprise editions of Salesforce. By implementation, you can receive the outstanding service of the CRM specialists, thereby allowing you to gain more happy customers. The Service Cloud is rising as one of the best customer support applications, pre-headers, pages fields, and additional features for the site. Our custom fields of pages let administrators have the skill for designing and publishing custom company and program-specific data.

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Blockchain Development

The Blockchain Technology is emerging at a fast pace as one of the major software development technologies in the form of blockchain development and it is the future of the web application development company. blockchain applications are decentralized and each of the transactions is time-stamped so we can say that the information stored in the blockchain is secure Whether it is based on selling, purchasing, funding, etc. that involve value.

Bitcoin is another name of the best-known cryptocurrency, then the blockchain technology was originated. A blockchain development company is coming out on top as our software developers make quality websites dependent on blockchain and digital records of exchanges. According to an improvement of bitcoin blockchain trading, it is the future of the digital currency blockchain network which depends on everywhere. Our developer develops a blockchain network with a creative cryptocurrency website globally.

Cryptocurrency Development:

We give a host of contributions to assist in the adoption, integration, and awareness of CryptoCoin development. Our Cryptocurrency development services consist of CryptoCoin Creation, Wallet development, Mining, and CryptoCoin Exchange Platform development. TISSA Technology also acquires its strength in several rising technology zones to help expand the value of cryptocurrency application development.

● Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Our expert team is excellent in developing safe and strong Cryptocurrency wallet apps for the web and also for mobile, which provides the choice of storing, transferring and receiving cryptocurrency through easy and secure platforms.

● CryptoCoin Creation

As the technologies are changing in trends and growing technology, almost every business around the globe would probably work on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain networks. We assist you to create your CryptoCoin.

TISSA Technology is a Houston, Texas, Texas-based cryptocurrency and Blockchain development company, have developed many successful Blockchain applications for our customers and our ingenious thinking and creativity made us be as Top Blockchain application Development Companies in Houston, Texas.

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Use the deep tech background and the team of our best minds at TISSA Technology to develop a whole IT approach for a digital and technological transformation of your organization that goes in line with your business objectives. Our strategic IT consulting team helps organizations better understand disruptive technologies, implement agile design principles, and take a strategic approach to disruptive technologies. Using a holistic approach, we help you define, design and execute strategies that optimize costs and quality while creating new revenue streams as the largest it consulting firms.

Being the top among the top IT consulting companies, TISSA Technology is the best IT consulting firm known as leading IT solution consultant. Our technology consultants leverage innovative solutions and deep domain expertise to develop short-term and long-term strategies aligned with your enterprise goals, IT environment, skill requirements and policies. Our result-oriented superior IT performance along with the capacity to leverage technology advancements for measurable business outcomes.

TISSA Technology is the best place for IT Consulting Services. Our top IT consulting expertise spans over various domains and gives custom-tailored IT consulting services for organizations of any size. As a top IT consulting firms, With TISSA Technology as your partner, we assist your organization ahead with highly efficient IT strategies and execute innovative solutions with our IT consultancy services.

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