App/Data Integration

Data integration involves a combination of data that is accumulated to a centralized system from several sources. The stored data in disparate sources is extracted using various technologies in order to present it in a unified view. By data integration, it has everything to do with processing the information by method of aligning, combining and introducing it to the end-client.

Organizations today are progressively using data integration tools for enterprise-wide data delivery, governance, and analytics. It allows firms to more readily comprehend and additionally hold their clients. The bar of top to bottom, information is raised by using data integration. It supports collaboration between different, keeps up security and consistency, and reduce the overall project timelines.

Applications integration is the sharing of procedures and information among various applications in an enterprise. For both little and enormous associations alike, it has transformed into a crucial need to interface various applications and leverage application participation over the endeavor in order to improve generally speaking business productivity, upgrade versatility, and reduce IT costs.

CRM Integration:

It streamlines your business processes over the enterprise - empowering the different divisions and teams inside the organization with the appropriate tools, resources, and information to empower a smooth working and efficient case management.
A CRM system is the backbone of any organization. A productive customer resource management software can assist you until your marketing, sales, lead management, and support services under a proficiently manageable single window.
We work with the some of the biggest CRM platforms in the market, like SugarCRM, Salesforce, HubSpot, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and can offer you strong and modified integration into your current infrastructure. Our systems have helped businesses achieve remarkable development, by permitting business leaders and organizational heads to step away from the operational and the management aspect of the company and focus on business development and advancement.

QuickBooks Integration:

Using exclusive tools and information, we have helped numerous small to medium-sized businesses integrate and extend QuickBooks beyond its center so as to solve basic business needs. With our QuickBooks integration services, our customers have had the option to simplify back-office tasks, eliminate duplicate data entries, decrease errors and boost productivity.
Rather than moving to a larger, more expensive accounting software, save money and let our experts integrate QuickBooks to meet all of your needs.
QuickBooks is a flexible & powerful accounting software tool that helps small and medium sized businesses streamline accounting, including: project cost management, payroll management, invoice management, account reconciliation, sales, inventory, supplies, and etc.
QuickBooks also has the ability to integrate with other programs and third-party tools to improve existing functionalities. Using this feature, we can extend QuickBooks beyond its core functionality to meet all of your critical business needs. Specifically, we can integrate QuickBooks with your website or web applications so that they electronically exchange data without the need for human intervention.

Benefits of our QuickBooks Integration Service:

● Save Money & Time:

Reduce the overall costs and time associated with manually re-keying data twice and reconciling errors.

● Increase Efficiency:

Improve the productivity of employees and ensure consistency by eliminating errors and duplicate data entries.

● Simplify Business Processes:

Eliminate the manual procedures required to move data from your website and web applications into QuickBooks.

● Cost-Effective Alternative:

Our QuickBooks integration services are a cost-effective alternative to transferring to a more costly, larger accounting software package.

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